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Posted by Elanor on 11:07 AM
Have you heard about it, the Day Zero Project? It's modern version of the New Year's resolutions. It seems that one year is not enough to fulfill your goals, so there's a new concept: 101 goals in 1001 days.

Since it seems like fun, I'm giving it a try! And no, this is not the sole purpose of this blog!

Start: 9th September 2009
End:  6th June 2012

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The List!

About 101-1001
  1. Blog about the progress of the project
  2. Put 5€ in a money box for every goal you complete
  3. Make a picture of at least 50 goals
  4. Keep a scrapbook of the project (fun for later!)

Active life
  1. Dare to ski
  2. Go rafting
  3. Stand on a height of at least 3500 meter
  4. Participate in the City Run (10 km) in the summer of 2010!
  5. Don't skip box training for a month (even if it storms of snows!)
  6. Participate in the Gordel (100km cycling)
  7. Swim in an ocean
  8. Go to a professional sports event

Me, myself and I
  1. Write a letter to your future self, let's say my 35 year old self
  2. Write a letter to your future child about who you are now
  3. Move to a house with a garden in stead of your apartment
  4. Grow sunflowers in that garden
  5. Start law school
  6. Don't go shopping for a month, so you save up for goal 19
  7. Go shopping with a close friend and let her restyle you
  8. Buy at least 2 outfits that are of better quality then H&M, Zara, C&A, ...
  9. Travel somewhere all by yourself
  10. Play the piano everyday for two weeks so you learn a new piece of music
  11. Do the same on your violin
  12. Buy yourself an iPod (I always put it back in the shelves) (ordered on the apple store)
  13. Buy the newspaper of the day you were born (If happens, do the same when you get engaged and/or married)
  14. Go to a wellnesscenter
  15. Eat vegetarian for one week
  16. Go to bed at 22u30 for one week
  17. Don't drink soda for a week (I'm an addict)
  18. Don't buy sandwiches at work, but bring homemade salads to lunch
  19. Don't snooze for a week

Work, work, work!
  1. Give to lectures at a foreign congress
  2. Publish 3 articles in specialist magazine
  3. Read 5 books and 20 articles about your PhD-subject by the end of 2009 (books 0/5, articles 2/20)
  4. Buy a sweater with the emblem of your university
  5. Study some physics and impress your physicist-boyfriend

Just do it!
  1. Sleep under the stars
  2. Use Google Earth Sky-mode to recognize stars
  3. Dye your hair in a completely different color
  4. Spend one weekend without electronics: no cell, no computer, no television, ...
  5. Knit a scarf
  6. Crochet a baby blanket
  7. Participate in Post crossing until you receive 10 cards
  8. Visit 5 different Christmas markets
  9. Participate in the New Year's dive (cold!)
  10. Take your camera with you for a month and take snaps from everything
  11. Find out how many meters toothpaste there is in one tube
  12. Rent a tandem with my boyfriend and argue who gets to sit in front
  13. Ride a dog sledge in the snow
  14. Win a competition
  15. Go buy a Christmas tree in the town center and carry it home wearing reindeer ears and singing Christmas songs
  16. Organize the best Christmas pick nick ever
  17. Go the the beach early in the morning and write a message in the wet sand

Love, friends and family
  1. Spend a whole day in bed with The Geek
  2. Surprise him five times
  3. Take a dance class with The Geek
  4. Surprise my mother with a bunch of flowers
  5. Send Christmas cards to everyone that is important to me (no e-cards!)
  6. Leaf through the family albums with my grandmother
  7. Create a family tree
  8. Take a picture of everyone in my family
  9. Create a new family album with the pictures from goal 61
  10. Have our picture taken (me+brother) and use it as a gift to our parents
  11. Organize an awesome day out for all my friends
  12. Organize an awesome day out for my family
  13. Surprise 3 people on their birthday with a homemade birthday cake 
  14. Give Billy (our cat) a friend (a second cat)
  15. Meet up with my 3 ex-boyfriends 
  16. Try not to be irritated by your mother/sister-in-law-to-be on 3 occasions

Fellow men
  1. Clear out your stuff: everything you don't use/need anymore has to go. Sell it or give it away
  2. Volunteer for a day
  3. Don't use the car for two weeks: use public transport, cycle or walk
  4. Don't accept plastic bags anymore for a month
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Guerillagarden!
  7. Let 5 people go first at the checkout
  8. Be nice for 5 days, including in traffic!
  9. Give blood 3 times
  10. Give plasma 4 times

Discover the world
  1. Go on a city trip with your girlfriends
  2. Book a last minute and just leave
  3. Take 4 day trips in your own country (Belgium it is)
  4. Make a road trip
  5. Visit at least 3 other countries
  6. See the Big Five in Africa (not in the Zoo)

Be cultural 
  1. Create 5 photo-reports with at least 20 pictures
  2. Read 25 classic books, no Kathy Reichs or Sophie Kinsella!
  3. Watch a movie for every letter of the alphabet
  4. Watch at least 4 movies on a filmfestival
  5. Visit 3 exhibitions
  6. Visit 3 museums
  7. Go to 3 concerts
  8. Go see a play
  9. Watch a movie from the year you're born (1986)
  10. Read a book from the year you're born (still 1986)
  11. Have a Lord of the Rings marathon

Taste and food
  1. Try 5 new restaurants
  2. Learn a new dish every month
  3. Organize a tapas evening for your girlfriends
  4. Specialize yourself in a fabulous cake
  5. Try our 10 different Ben & Jerry's flavors!


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