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Do you know those personality tests that tell you what type of boyfriend you have? I don't have to take one to know: my boyfriend is a geek, a computer nerd, a squint, ...

The first thing he does when he wakes up is starting up his computer, only then he runs for the bathroom like normal people. After grabbing some cornflakes his pc is booted and the fun begins. I have absolutely no idea what he does on that thing, all I see are black screens with white letters and figures. When he comes home from work, he greets me and starts up his computer again. This does not necessarily happens in this order... 

He doesn't like shopping, but he likes to go to the trash park. While I try to get rid of old things, he brings back some more electronics. Once he came home with half a desktop, because 'you never know that it still has some good parts'. Great. In our appartment we have a shared office. My side is nicely decorated with books, his side has a desk and a table for his computerS, yes plural! He has a laptop, two screens and a desktop, and there's still room for more, he says.

To nice part: I rarely ever have computer troubles, I have access to the newest software programs (if I would want them), I don't have to be afraid of him meeting glamorous new girls, if I go out he won't even notice I'm gone: so a lot of me-time.

The bad part: he can fix a pc, but he cannot nail up a framework. Guess who put our IKEA-furniture together?  Sometimes it's like talking to a wall, maybe I should send him e-mails instead?

So, what type of boyfriend/girlfriend do you have?


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