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My mom once said to me: You don't choose your family, but you can choose your in-laws. Little did I know this was a warning...

The Geek and I are now 3,5 years together, and still I don't have the feeling to be welcome at his parent's house. His mother has the annoying habit of being a pessimist to the bone. When The Geek has an idea she always points out the flaws and the risks first. Actually, The Geek himself inhereted some of this pessimism.

In previous relationships I never had any trouble to win over the in-laws. The mother of my first boyfriend adored me. When I broke up with him, she kept on hoping that we would get back together. The parents of my second boyfriend, The Rebel, were a bit awkward in the beginning, but since I had a calming effect on their son they accused him of plain stupidity when he broke up with me.

I don't claim to be the perfect daughter-in-law, but I think parents could get worse than me. I'm fun, I'm not ugly, I have a university degree, I have a good job (pursuing a PhD!), I want a nice family, ... What do they expect more? 

However, after 3,5 years I still get sneers from his mother, and lately also from his sister. His sister, the money-grubber, came to visit us recently. During the conversation she found it necessary to mention that our carpet looks like a rag and that our curtains are rubbish.  The sheer remark was when she needed to use our restroom. Before she went, she asked with a vicious look: "Can I use your bathroom, or do you need to clean up first?"  

I mean, come on, who does she think she is??? Questioning our hygiene and tidiness? I admit, I don't put everything in order right away, but it is not a mess and it is certainly not dirty. I do know how to use the vacuum cleaner and a squeegee!

The Geek tells me sometimes that I should try harder to continue conversation with his family. But thrust me, sometimes it's better if I just keep my mouth shut.


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