Future fear

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I know, I'm only 23 going on 24, but I'm ready! When I read blogs about newly weds or people engaged I cannot help myself and start dreaming about my own perfect day. In the last few months I've read hundreds of websites about wedding inspirations and I had some ideas myself as well. Also my family is throwing some hints. We are both graduated, got nice jobs, are already living together for more then a year, ... why not marry? 

The Geek is not ready, he doesn't even want to talk about it. It's not that I want to get married tomorrow, but I like to dream and I hate it when he doesn't dream with me. Moreover it takes at least one year to plan the whole thing!  It's like he is afraid of the future. A few weeks ago I suggested that we buy a small house, since we will both work in the same city and renting is more expensive in the long term than buying. Another idea he didn't like... 

He, or his parents? This morning we had a fight about the whole future-thing, and it turned out that he's afraid of his parents' reaction. They won't like the idea of us getting married or buying a house. I don't know why but for some obscure reason, they just don't like me as much as my parents like The Geek. The sad thing is that The Geek doesn't want to put up the energy to stand up for me... 


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